Smoothiesz by Kish

Sunday bloody sunday. The weather has turned into absolute shit and its been raining non stop. It totally ruined my Saturday night, and the sunroof in my car leaked so my car is one wet mess. It made driving to work today a very damp occassion. But, i don’t want to dampen your spirits so I thought i’d post a few choice tunes. Enjoy yourself thoroughly (:

I FINALLY checked out Aeroplane’s November Chart Mix and all I have to say is “wow”. These are my picks!

♫ Emjae – Discoplex <– so funky that my hips hurt just thinking the damage this could incur

♫ Music Go Music – Warm in The Shadow (Villa Remix) <–mean mix, looking forward to more Villa flavoured mixes

♫ Don Diablo – I am not from France (Cagedbaby’s Rollerdisco Lcross Campaign Mix)<– wooooow

Then in my search I found this lovely piece of work

♫ Music Go Music – Warm in the Shadows (Fred Falke Remix) <– oh Falke, you couldn’t disappoint me if you married David Guetta

Fred Falke has a knack of making my heart melt. Talking about melting, this Metronomy choon came on as I was watching cheese melt in my microwave, and I thought “this should be blerged”. So I’m sticking to my guns…

♫ Joakim – Spiders (Metronomy Remix) <– this is just five shades of awesoome


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I definitively love your blog Choon.

Comment by K.S

I definitely love you JP ❤

Comment by kish07

My heart melts for Fred Falke as well. Ok love Munk too. Know of their stuff?

Comment by Destroy Rock And Roll

ha yeah i sure do dude. disco clown!

Comment by kish07

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