There’s a drumming noise inside my head by Kish

I got my Stereosonic tickets today in the mail!! How exciting (: I love having so many tickets in my possession — i feel ready to take on the world. December 5th is the day of musical stimulation, and hopefully the weather remains impressive. I got my hands on the set times too! Decisions decisions decisions. Ah and festivals are horrible that way — the more acts you want to see, the more disappointed you will be. I’m a rhyming machine.

If that is epicly difficult to read, just get boot scooting over here! So, I really think I’ll spend most of my time at the Outrage Stage and then make my way over to Sneakerpeeps and end my night with a Deadmau5 set… but I’m really torn between Laurent Garnier and the mau5.

I would feel incomplete without seeing Renaissance Man, Alter Ego and Drop The Lime, because I believe those will be the best sets of the day. The worst acts of the day will be the dirty muzzas who decide to be total rebels and take their tops off. Yes, you read right. There is a STRICT rule against ‘tops offs brah’. Should be hilarious to see this being policed.

“Stereosonic has a “TOPS ON” policy. Anyone not wearing tops (singlet, t-shirt etc…) will be rejected at the gate. Anyone inside the event not wearing a top will have their wristband removed and will be ejected from the event.”

With rules like these, you know the crowd is going to be classy.

♫ Alter Ego – Why Not?! <– I will never ever get sick of this filthy blooping piece of ass.

♫ The Bravery – Slow Poison (Drop The Lime Remix) <– just sit back and imagine this live. blows my mind.

♫ Laurent Garnier – The Man With The Red Face <– this is one amazing choon

♫ Deadmau5 – To Play Us Out <– hells yeah

♫ Adele – Hometown Glory (Axwell Remix) <– if i hear this live, i will lose my shit.


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cheers for the laurent garnier tune – nice one. Loving the blog man

Comment by Pelski

Ha, thanks dude, I appreciate it ❤

Comment by kish07

That hometown glory track is ultimate in chill times. been diggin that for aaages, nice pick.

Comment by Wecantgetnosleep

ah i was listening to this in the car today, such a great song (Y)

Comment by kish07

you got stereosonic tickets?
lucky lucky, erm… ducky?

sorry just wanted to rhyme

Comment by RARCHE

yep (: exciting stuff. not going? then what is making you too poor to go see the proxy 😛

Comment by kish07

wanna have sex?

Comment by Leila

i don’t swing that way, but if i do in the future i’ll give you a call.

Comment by kish07

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