Excited for NYE…already? by Kish

Yes. For once I have left my ‘fashionably late’ behind.. well er behind and decided to be on the ball. I just purchased my tickets for Killer NYE, featuring everyone’s favourite PROXY and 2MANYDJS. Jealous? Hells yeah you should be. I read a little of what to expect from 2manydjs on ITM and am considerably excited out of my pants. Sounds like it will be massive! Are any slick acts playing on NYE where you live?

There is massive Sensation White hype here for NYE, which i was almost convinced to go to, but with all the slimy muzzas and orange bitches flocking to that, I have decided to spend NYE in much… classier(?) company. Ha I love that even an eccy-filled venue will somehow be miles classier than Sensation. At least I won’t be forced to wear white. God I look crap in white.

So with the freedom to wear whatever colour I want and with very capable djs ensuring my night to be a hit, I feel like sharing the excitement with nothing else but choonsz.

2 Many Djs Mash Up Minimix (02.11.2007) We all lead busy lives, so I understand that you may not have time to sit down an appreciate a 1 hour set. I’m so altruistic it scares me. Plus anything with a little Daft Punk in it has my vote… and heart.

The next few are on a Soulwax disc I have in my library… mixed by 2manydjs. I’m just being relevant.

LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk Is Playing In My House Soulwax Shibuya Mix) <–

The Lords Of Acid – I Sit On Acid (Soulwax Remix) <–

and here is some Proxy, even though the blerg world is flooded with his russian fantasicness

♫ Proxy – Raven (Hide and Scream Remix) <–

♫ Proxy – Din Dah (Original Mix)

If anyone has any slick live dj sets from Proxy, drop me a line yeah?


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