Do you like bass? by Kish

Now who loves bass? Who is totally addicted to a funky, deep grinding basslines? ME! I am and I am totally unashamed of it. I love funky bassy house, and there is seriously no substitute. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too =) The best of the best in the biz know what to do with it. I’ve seen it fail, but I’ve seen it succeed, and when its good, that low driving bass can drive people insane with ecstasy. I just thought I’d treat all you sexyfaces to some bass… because you’re worth it.

Bag Raiders – All The Girls
Does anyone think this is saved purely because of that deep driving bass? Seriously, this is disappointing, especially after shooting stars was oh so good!
♫ Sean Biddle – Little Cafe (DJ Vitamin D Remix)
These lyrics make me laugh. Ha, but two thumbs up on this disgustingly bassy choon.
Daft Punk – Around the World 2009 (Alive Re-Edit)
I can’t get enough of how this song finishes with this funky bass. It blows my socks off into another dimension.
Stunk of Punk – Have A Drink

Woah, here that deep bass? Now that is a classic.
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Intro
This post would seriously be incomplete with this song. You haven’t heard it? Shame on you. You have 30 seconds to get this and redeem yourself, GO!


Mmm sometimes its a nice change to sit back and appreciate some smooth funk amongst the bleeping and blooping madness. Got any suggestions? Throw them my way. I’ll repay you with ribbons and lollipops 🙂


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LOVING THE FUNK!!! alan braxe is my hero : ps/ thanks for the props on the kings of con remix !!! way stoked you dig it… there will be more soon to come so stay tuned!

Comment by >icknick

Ha thanks man 🙂 Fred Falke is my hero, we make a good team. Looking forward to it dude, it was a slick mix.

Comment by kish07

that bassline on Intro is so sexy it hink i just ground my swivel chair into the ground

Comment by Scottish Friction

my face cringed when i heard all the girls. why bag raiders?! why?!

Comment by julius

i know right 😦

Comment by kish07

do tell me what you think of my new layout.

Comment by julius

Your fucking stupid the new bag raiders song is fucking tight, your a faggot, the lyrics are funny, and the beats are tight as fuck, you suck dick at judging music, you trendy faggot

Comment by Harry

oh i do suck dick at judging music 🙂 i suck it long, hard, deep and very well. drop by again soon 🙂

Comment by kish07

i LOLd at this

Comment by Scottish Friction

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