Magical ear treatsz by Kish

So it really hasn’t been the best year for me. I accidentally rammed the wall of my garage today with my car 😐 I really don’t deserve to drive. I can’t wait until my parents come home and see it ahaha. Plus Manchester Utd lost to Chelsea!!! What the fuccccck!! Oh thank the dear lord for this blog, it brings me small joys when I feel like crap. First Siriusmo takes a squiz at my blog (<3) then I got an email from Allure. Aaaand ofcourse the rest of you gorgeous people who read this – i owe you like 3 hugs and a lollipop 🙂

Ever listened to this guy’s stuff? “Allure is a ‘sweet-groovy’ recipe refreshing French-Touch with notes of Pop and Jazz.” – that’s a pretty good description. The only way I can describe it is as magical ear treatsz.

Allure – Diamonds <– it has deep driving bass sprinkled throughout it, all while sounding exactly what i believe diamonds would sound like if they could sing. this is genuinely one of my most favourite songs.

Allure – Nocturne <–i actually don’t believe Allure could produce anything remotely bad.

French dudes are no doubt talented people, but nothing makes me happier than hearing some good Aussie producers, djsz, mixers popping out some massive CHOONS.

♫ Eric Laville – Out Bitch! (T-Rek Remix) <– I always feel slightly disappointed by T-rek – i just expect him to be extravagantly laced in sparkles, glitter and feathers… his music however never ever disappoints.

Sometimes the only advice you can take is to just be ‘happy go lucky’ and harden the fuck up (enjoy that segue-way, it was a fancy one).

♫ Butyreux – Happy Go Lucky

Phonat – Set Me Free (Butyreux remix) <–wowowowow


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is there ANYWHERE on the web I can pick-up a download of the t-rek banger? I don’t think its been officially released yet and the download link posted has expired 😦

Comment by dutch courage

i’ll update the link for you ❤
check back in 10 minutes and it should work =)

Comment by kish07

T-Rek always amazes that melbournian bastard!

Comment by Markus

You got that T-Rek tune at 320kbps? It’s a mint track

Comment by dantheman

ha, its next to impossible to find the track online let alone 320 quality! if you’re looking for it for a set…. ask the man himself? i’m sure he’s not impossible to get a hold of 🙂

sorry ❤

Comment by kish07

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