Am I on acid or do you really look THAT bad by Kish

I finally got my new glasses today. Yes I am fairly blind, and the deterioration in my eyesight is directly related to the amount of time i spend infront of the laptop. Ha, sucks to be me. Now I have the gift of vision again, i realise how strange I must look. See, I just assume that people have the same vision as I do, so when I am singing in the car, and can’t make out the faces of other drivers, I just assume they can’t see me singing – wrong! When I am walking up to a disgustingly hot man, and am checking them out like there is no tomorrow, but know that we aren’t making eye contact because we are way too far to do that – wrong. Lol, I have spent months looking like a freak, because I have been lacking vision, no wonder I am single.

Anyways………Ahh the weekend is upon us, so we all need some block rockin’ beats to get us in the mood. I am going to be stuck at home studying for exams, but go and get messy on my behalf, and I’ll see  you out there next week.  Here are the filthiest goddamn choons I acquired purely by selling my body, so please enjoy them.

Noob & Brodinski – Peanuts Club (Buttonmasher Remix)

Riva Starr – I Was Drunk (Harry Benson Remix)

Les Gillettes – Pompeii

Feadz – Liisborg Error <– okay so I’m still not over the fact that i made out with Feadz, but this is so dark and dirty ❤

Ian Pooley – Rock Da Disco (Daft Punk Mix) <– that deep grinding bass drives me insaaaaaane


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you bum, you beat me to the buttonmasher remix.
oh well. it IS pretty slick.

Comment by RARCHE

haha don’t be a hater ❤
dude! have you heard about killer nye 😐

Comment by kish07

Haj! I’m the owner of http://www.sad-dan.blogspot.com, I love your blog! Cheerzzzz!

Comment by Gioom

ha, thanks man, i really appreciate it. can’t wait to see what new choons you have for me to steal away 🙂

Comment by kish07

haha, not trying to be a hater. hating is so hateful.

but yeah, proxy? im going to be bloody broke by the end of festival season. can i borrow 50 bucks?

Comment by RARCHE

i’m already pretty broke 😦
i’d offer you $50… but i only have like $3 in my bank account right now (that was easy to get out of)

i was going to check out the juggernautsz on friday.. but i might just stay in so i can buy some more tickets to lots of other stuff.

Comment by kish07

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