Like omg mansz by Kish

You know what this is fool?! This is just the 100th post on FUTURISTIC SILENCE. Yeah boi. I’m seriously surprised I lasted 20 posts let alone a century of posts. I only started this to keep myself sane while i was stuck at home with a broken ankle. Now its flourished into a house of love (psht don’t mind the pun). Thank you to all you sexy people who keep reading this and I can’t wait to do another hundred posts!

So… for my 100th post, I get to tell you all about the Strobe party I went to on Monday night — Feadz and Boy 8-Bit. Fucking awesome it was. Boy 8-Bit’s set was fucking amazing. I went absolutely mental when he played A City Under Siege. Slick times were had by all. The promoter dude who I grabbed my tickets off was lovely and waved at me every time he saw me. Strangers are so lovely sometimes. I asked a guy for a cigarette lighter, and he told me I was pretty. Im so easily please.

Thenn Feadz came on and TOTES blew me away. I’ve heard he is a great live dj, but I didn’t really expect it. One word — noice. He came down from the dj booth at one point to high five everyone and shit, and he came up to me, grabbed my face and kissed me… on the mouth. Yeah boi. Ahahaha, I totally didn’t expect it, and it blew my mind a little 🙂 I met some guy who said he could take me backstage after the gig to hang out with Feadz. So so so awesome. I felt so slick and cool. I hugged him and told him his set was great, and he was welcome to come to TFU with me afterwards. He declined because he ended up taking this hot blonde girl home which was funny to see. He’s living the sweet life.

All in all it was one slick motherfucking night. Great music, slick people. I saw my friend Alex there too and he put his hands on his head like antlers and said “choon king”. What a fucking gun. Here is his choon space. Now I really feel like going to see the Midnight Juggernauts in a couple weeks. I just dont want the party to stop. Too bad i got fired. Ha. Thats another story, but why make this a somber post when its time to celebrate hombre.

♫ Boy 8-Bit – A City Under Siege (Original Mix) <–

♫ Bumblebeez – Rio (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

Boy 8-Bit – The Suspense Is Killing Me <–

♫ Feadz – Edwrecker (Original Mix)

♫ Feadz – Age 21 <–

♫ Midnight Juggernauts – Into The Galaxy (Danger Remix) <–


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