Some people have real problems by Kish
October 24, 2009, 12:55 PM
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Wow…God really hates me. I ended up in hospital Wednesday night.. i had painsz so epic i got a fever. What is happppening to my life?! But I’ve taken my friend RARCHE’s advice and decided to blog on through this drug-induced haze. I got some mad medz at the moment, antibiotics and such. Fun fun fun.

I was just choosing something to watch on Foxtel, and man, they play some great music on the menu screen. One of my favourite songs came on, and I realised.. have I even mentioned this great woman on my blog before?!

Sia is the wonderfully talented lady who has an amazingly crazy rich voice. Her lyrics are deeper than your mum (badoom tish) and as catchy as herpes, but much more enjoyable. Aaaand she is touring Australia soon! Get awn it.

♫ Sia – The Girl You Lost To Cocaine
This song sounds so much more cheerier than it should be. Confuses me. But I am still crazy in love with this song. It showcases her voice oh so well.

♫ Sia – Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
This is probably the best Sia mix I’ve gotten my hands on. Its smooth, ridiculously soothing and airy. I love this bitch’s voice.

♫ Sia – Breathe Me
Even though I posted a slick remix, I couldn’t live with myself if i didn’t post the original. Yum.

♫ Lauren Flax – You’ve Changed (feat. Sia) (Richie Panic and UFO! remix)
As long as this woman puts her voice to something, it will sound amazing. I may just have a lady crush.

♫ Sia – Soon We’ll Be Found
Euphoric and emotional and terribly girly. But its really awesome. MTV liked it so much they used it in their ads to lure you into watching Rock Of Love Bus – ironic?

♫ Sia – Death By Chocolate
This was my first introduction to Sia. My friend showed me this, saying it was his favourite song, no arguments thurr.


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good to see your blogging so much
keep it up dude (Y)

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Comment by kish07

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