Fragile by Kish
October 8, 2009, 11:43 PM
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You know you have been out of the loop when you stumble across a blog, you see “NEW DAFT PUNK” and its dated a week ago. My heart drop and sank all at the same time and i kind of seizured a little there. BUT what the fucking fuuuuck? Is this for real? Is this really new Daft Punk?! If i was male, I’d have a massive erection right now that would have broken the shit out of my laptop’s screen.

Is this fake? Hmm thats what immediately came to mind, then I listened to it, and it sounds ALOT like the Tron Legacy theme. This is so great. Brb, i’m going to do a lap of joyyyyyy.



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where are you

Comment by Scottish Friction

agreed, this track gets me so so so so excited for a) Tron and b) new daft

Comment by mat

Im pretty sure this is a fake…

Comment by K.S

you rekon?
sounds so much like the tron legacy theme though.
i wouldn’t be surprised if it is a fake (N)

Comment by kish07

too cheap to be a daft punk’s trax IMO

Comment by K.S

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