Better days ahead? by Kish

I’ve been out of action for a while — my bad. Between uni and keeping sane I haven’t had much time for the internet or this blerg. Its kinda nice that I’ve been getting hits even though I haven’t touched this thing for a week. Awesome.

I think its time to ditch Summadayze and the muzzas, fluro and the gacked crowd that comes with it. I’m upset that Danny  Tenaglia is playing at Summadayze though… its probably the one thing that makes me go “hmmm maybe Summadayze won’t be so bad afterall.” Its a shame that the crowd won’t appreciate him — not like I could =P

♫ Cassius – Jack Rock <–
I love me some classic Cassius, this gets me going. The buildup, the swanky bassline, fuck yeaaaaah.

♫ Fred Falke – Love Theme <–
I am just crazy and whole heartedly in love with Fred Falke. This man could never do me any wrong… unless he cancels his gig again.

♫ Danny Tenaglia – Music Is The answer (Original Extended Mix) <–
All fourteen minutes of original, unremixed blisssssss. Hells yeah.

p.s. i wish i was at parklife right now 😦


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i wish i was at parklife too 😦

Comment by RARCHE

oh we totally couldve hung out and written gay reviews about the day. lol. are you going to any festivals coming up dude?

Comment by kish07

I love Music Is The Answer! Bring back memories of the late 90s! A great time for music.

Comment by Destroy Rock And Roll

ohhh i agree. the 90s were a great time for house. too bad i was into the spice girls and the backstreet boys

Comment by kish07

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