ƃƃʎusʇıʞs by Kish


I checked my myspace for the first time in months yesterday. I found this dude sitting in my friend requests and thought I’d give him a listen. When i first clicked on Skitsnygg i thought i had stumbled upon some Russian underground artist — go to his myspace and you’ll see why 🙂 Anyways, download this mixtape, it sweet.



1. Miss Odd Kidd – Smoke Machine (Billion Dollar DJs Vice Remix)
2. Omnikrom – Comme a la Television (NROTB remix)
3. From Monument to Masses – Beyond God and Elvis (Designer Drugs remix)
4. Skitsnygg Vs. Mr. Oizo Vs. Proxy – Bruce Willis/Dead Raven (Skitsnygg killed this bootleg)
5. Tiga – Mind Dimension (NT89 + Shinichi Osawa remix)
6. Monosurround – Cocked Locked Ready to Rock (FUKKK OFFF remix)
7. Trash Fashion – It’s A Rave Dave (Denny Le Nimh and Bryan Cox cause of death remix)
8. Altern8 – Frequency (Hostage Remix)
9. Deadmau5 + Jelo – The Reward is More Cheese
10. Daft Punk – Around the World (Kid Dub remix)
11. B. Rich – Can’t Take What I Got
12. VNDLSM – Low Pro
13. AC Slater feat. Lismore – Up Against The Wall
14. TC – Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix) (Jack Beats Edit)
15. HeartsRevolution – Switchblade (Designer Drugs remix)
16. Lazrtag feat. Teenwolf – What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas
17. Mightyfools – Amsterdam (AC Slater remix) (Skitsnygg edit)
18. Lights – Drive My Soul (Designer Drugs remix)


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