Gentlemen Thieves by Kish

I found Gentlemen Thieves in the mail yesterday. Man, and am I glad I found them. I listened to some of their earlier stuff and enjoyed their alt pop, happy electro-disco sound. It was something that I bypassed and never paid a second thought to. Its best described as pretty music that would go perfectly well with a warm Spring day. Buuut then I heard G.O.D. While that sentence could be mistaken as a statement made by a paranoid schizophrenic but it is worth reading on. This sound is so different to their dreamy alt pop style, and if they continue this way… I may just be an avid fan.

Gentlemen Thieves – G.O.D. <–
It starts off wonderfully dreamy with the piano but then boom! straight into some dirty synthy bleeps and bloops. Definitely worth a listen.

Their remixes are more on the dreamy disco side of things, and these are my picks.

Boss in Drama – Favorite Song (83′ Gentlemen Thieves Remix)
This reminds me a lot of Chromeo, except for the almost vomit-inducing rnb sounding vocals. But its okay, it gets easier to listen to as the song goes on. Besides the vocals, I think this song is perfect.

♫ Visitor – Los Feeling (Gentlemen Thieves Remix)
Everyone knows and loves this song.  These Thieves have turned this song into a dancey track that isn’t at all sickly sweet. Its got a hard edge and is definitely worth a download if you enjoyed G.O.D.

& this is just for kicks

Visitor – Los Feeling (Monsieur Adi Remix) <–
So beautiful and euphoric!


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i would also give 3 <3s to that monsieur adi remix

Comment by Scottish Friction

[…] So my friend Nico from Random Trax has been teasing me for quite a while now, with a massive choon. He has been linking me to myspaces and i’ve been listening intently, waiting for the day I could get my stubby little hands on this track. NOW the internet has been overrun with Monsieur Adi’s remix of ‘Starry Eyed’ and the result is unanimous: best remix of ‘em all. Ellie Goulding produced this rad song with The Knocks, so it was already bound to greatness, but this is just grand! Ah and if you haven’t heard it already, get his ‘Los Feeling’ remix here! […]

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