My iPod has healing powers by Kish
September 20, 2009, 6:36 PM
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Apologies for not writing for a while. I have been so busy dealing with crap and uni and my best friend’s birthday WEEK (yes, she celebrated her birthday the entire week). Lol, god, its been one intense mess.

I was really down the start of the week, cos so many people were angry at me over trivial things. I spent all of Monday sitting in my room – i didn’t even leave the house. Emo fuck. On Tuesday, I had to go to uni, so, against my will, i walked outside and plugged in my ipod as I caught the tram into the city. My friend called me as I was on the tram and I almost cried on the phone explaining to her why i was so upset; lol it was so bad 😦 So after the phone call, i put my ipod on shuffle… and its like my ipod was choosing the perfect songs, just to console me. It was ah-mazing.

It belted out choon after amazing choon, all with the perfect lyrics. My ipod consoled me. What is my world coming to?!  Ha. So here are the songs that got me through my week — aren’t music’s healing powers amazing?

♫ Gotye – Hearts A Mess
This made me hurt so much. I think this is what brought on the tears to begin with. Yet it is such a beautiful song, and so delicately made. It is genuinely one of my favourite songs ever, and I even had a dream that i got the lyrics ‘let me occupy your mind, as you do mine’ on the back of my neck. How siq.

♫ Tunng – Pioneers (Bloc Party Cover)
Then this came on. These lyrics are the epitome of amazing. If you’re seriously upset, and you feel like you’ve fucked up beyond repair, put this on and it will make you smile. Its message is ‘everything will be okay’ and it conveys it oh so well. ❤

♫ Miike Snow – Animal
And after Tunng had consoled me to a point where I wasn’t going to burst into tears on public transport, this came on as I walked to uni. “There was a time when my world was filled with darkness…” Walking to that upbeat song was just fucking epic.

Its like I did this complete 360and had a catharsis within an hour — thanks to my ipod. Crazy, no?

Catch you soon, and stay sexy,


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i read this blog sometimes, and i think your a fag. with good music taste.

Comment by j


Comment by kish07

love that picture. on the other hand, an image i despise is the LOW BATTERY screen! heartbreaker.

Comment by julius

first guy made me lol.
and good to hear you cheered up dude (Y)

Comment by RARCHE

lol it made me laugh too. thanks ❤

Comment by kish07

yeah this guy made me roflcopter

Comment by Scottish Friction

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