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September 15, 2009, 11:19 PM
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Introducing DESKTOP. So they’re like these two guys, Zach Curd and Keith Thompson who make music. Keith is such an Aussie name, except these dudes are from the U.S of A. Disappointing. But unlike most things American  these guys aren’t absolutely annoying or crap. Plus they hail from Detroit – instant coolness.

This isn’t Zach and Keithy’s first rodeo — infact they’ve been in the choon business for a while now. But their past projects are so much more different to what they’re doing with Desktop.

Their music is whimsical, easy to listen to and sits somewhere between the land of indie and planet alt pop. What makes Desktop’s  music stand out is definitely the vocals. It was the first thing i noticed really. They’ve got this air of Phoenix, however its much more.. soulful?

There is something wonderfully calming about their music. Its smooth, not harsh and bloopy, which IS how i usually like it, but its great for an endless train ride, or for lying on the grass and staring at the clouds for hours. So check out their myspace and check out their EP here.

♫ Desktop – Fired Up <–
I love the hard bassline juxtaposed with the beautiful light bloops over the top, its great. This is a perfect example of music that you can just get lost in. Its smooth, alt pop that could go on for 20 minutes and be just as good. I love the vocals so much – its like Chromeo on helium.

♫ Desktop – Liberty
This one speaks to me more as indie-influenced. “Do whatever you want” Ha these boys don’t mess around with cool ambiguities when titling their songs.

♫ Desktop – Too Much
Too much is pretty cute and fun. Its very light and pop, but you can hear that its been well thought out. Its all very cutesy, fresh and pop.I cant figure out what song the bridge reminds me of. Please tell me if you figure it out! Love the breakdown at 3:20


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