Oh Quentin Dupieux, how wonderful you are by Kish
September 14, 2009, 9:55 PM
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The French are so unbelievably cool it hurts. Its hurts just about as much as breaking your ankle in 12cm heels. Monsieur Wahzo aka Mr Oizo aka Quentin Dupieux takes the five-story cake in epic suaveness. He’s funny too. I love his truly distinctive sound that is just perfectly filthy and bloopy but never at all cheesy. He doesn’t require some boring spiel, you know who this man is, so here are the choonsz.

♫ Mr Oizo – Sucer Danser <–
Suck suck suck on dance. Ah this is awesome, its so grimy and dancey all at once. Oizo has a great sound and a fucking epic attitude. I love the guy heaps. I am yet to see him live, which sucks, but all in good time.

Who says theres anymore? (Ha get it? Positif referencesz) There is actually more…

♫ Mr Oizo – Sucer Danser (James Rand’s Bibliotheque Tool) <–
I discovered this on the Erol Alkan forumsz. I totally haven’t asked permission to post it — so, sorry in advance 🙂 But this is awesome. This was concocted by the lovely James Rand (who i suggest you chk-check out) and it doesn’t mess around too much. Just a noice clean mix. Good stuff.

I want some more re-editsz and remixes and stuff that will make me joyous. Get remixing bitches.


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