There’s no more wicked games to play by Kish

I think I have stumbled upon what may be the new CHEESE CHOON (of the next 10 years, if ‘Show Me Love’ is anything to go off). Originally called “Kun for Mig” and sung entirely in Danish, Medina, this hawt half Danish half Chilean songstress has rerecorded it in English, releasing it as “You & I”. Very catchy, very cheesy, and it seems to be very remixable. I like her smooth feminine vocals, and  I think that’s always a winner when releasing some cheesy damage onto the world. The lyrics are cute aswell, even though its about heartbreak and all that typical shit, its one of those songs that is going to make everyone in a club go “ahh yeah man, i totes feel this hawt bitches pain”. Good marketing skills Medina – i’m on to you.

So who wins the ‘best remix award’?…..lets chk-check it out.

Medina – You & I (Svenstrup & Vendelboe Remix) <–
Ah, I love a good progressive remix with some dirty bleepage. This will definitely get people dancing and singing along. The boys bring a nice euphoric feel to the song, the only thing missing is a massive build up that just smashes the boxes of every woman in the room.

♫ Medina – You & I (Dash Berlin Remix)
This remix does have that euphoric buildup which goes BANG. Except something about this mix doesn’t sit well with me. Its pretty and lovely and all that jazz – I guess it almost sounds a bit techy to me

♫ Medina – You & I (Spencer & Hill Remix) <–
This is the epitome of cheese. I can just imagine hearing this when walking into the old Plattttyyyy bro. But I like the familar cheesy sounds. So I have no bones to pick with this remix — except that it does NOTHING to wow me.

♫ Medina – You & I (Deadmau5 Remix)
This is one smoooth motherfucking remix. The beats flow gently into one another… a little reminiscent of his ‘Longest Road’ remix, but not as special. Its a shame though, because I know this little mau5 has it in him. Maybe he’ll release a second version when he reads this ❤

I’m going to have to crown Kasper Svenstrup & Thomas Vendelboe winners this time. Sorry Deadmau5, you’ve lost the magic.


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