Hungry Jacks by Kish

I don’t know if you know — But ▲cid Jcks are fucking siq. iChoons shuffled up their remix of ‘Simon Says’ and I thought, why not show them to the world. I’m not sure if Acid Jacks are big in the blergsphere, but whatevsz – I’m doing the post anyway.

I’m always one to promote Australian talent. It makes me proud to be Australian when musical genius emerges from this country, cos I always feel like we’re America’s bitch. BUT America has Highschool Musical and we have Empire of the Sun – we win.

▲CID J▲CKS are Jackmaster Bing Bong & Honeysmack, two guys who float around where I live – Melbourne, who have made a name for themselves playing at places like Eurotrash, WOW and every festival they can get their hands on. I went to a festival called Kiss My Grass this year, and saw Acid Jacks live while wrapped in a foil blanket of some sort. It was grand and they fucking raped the crowd with their epic taste in bleep and bloopage. Their last.fm page states “Acid Jacks = Obnoxious ultra future meets post-apocalyptic acid punk party music”, which i think sums them up pretty well.

So grab a crate or two to dance on, grab some speakers, because playing this on laptop speakers wouldn’t do this justice, and get ready to commit some heinous electrocide. (Sometimes I think I would make a killing in advertising)

♫ Pharaoh Monch – Simon Says (Acid Jacks Remix) <–
This is pretty much played EVERYWHERE i go. I don’t know if this is the case everywhere else… maybe Melbournians are all just a bunch of submissives who love being told what to do as well as being whipped and handcuffed.

♫ Acid Jacks vs. T-rek – Mookie <–
Fucking choooon. I love this way too much. T-rek is a great dj too. I always get a little excited when he plays at TFU. I love the slightly creepy sounding vocals. Ha ❤

♫ The E.L.F. – Bounce (Acid Jacks Remix)
Not to worry, I haven’t tried getting away with posting some shit MSTRKRFT. This is basically impossible not to dance to. Filthy, filthy stuff.

♫ Boltan – Laughing Through My Teeth (Acid Jacks Jackmaster Remix)
I’m confused by the ‘Warp’ sounds in this song, almost caused me to press ‘next’. Tis awesome though.

Acid Jacks – Crazy Legs
This one is the latest of their choonage I could find. Its enjoyable, but I wonder if this means a change in their direction? Hmm i’ll check them out next time they play around here, and get back to you.


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