I am so minimal, I have never produced anything by Kish

thats hot?

I really have found it difficult to hop on board the minimal-tech bandwagon, and I’ve noticed its been doing the roundsz in my neighbourhood. Most of it is bland and boring and does nothing for me. I like music to stimulate the mind, to cause intense feelings of euphoria, to tug at my heart strings and to bring out intense empathy. I want music to make me want to sing along even if there are no vocals — minimal tech has rarely done that for me.

There is one guy, however, who I find has done it right. The one thing i enjoy most about Paul Kalkbrenner is that he is no bandwagon jumper, he has been doing his thang for yonksz. I was on the facebewksz and I saw some kid had mentioned Kalkbrenner’s “The Grouch” which i hadn’t yet heard. Gave it a listening to, and wow, it was noice. None of this is new, so don’t give me shit about it you stupid indie kidsz. Nah i like you guys, you wear skinny jeans and cool hats, I’m really just jealous.

If you don’t know who he is, or never really liked minimal tech to begin with, take a listen, you just might surprise yourself.

♫ Paul Kalkbrenner feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner – Sky and  Sand <–
This one is just absolutely wonderful. I read somewhere a while ago Fritz is Paul’s brother. The vocals are perfect, the beat is mellow and delicious and its absolutely perfect for you if you think you hate anything minimal or tech.

♫ Paul Kalkbrenner – The Grouch <–
You really need to check out the video that goes along with this song. Its nothing amazing, but it compliments the song so well, it deserves a golf clap for sure. Its got a menacing sound to it, but its lovely all the same. The beat at around 1:45ish is great.

♫ Paul Kalkbrenner – The Palisades
This song is pretty slick. It can almost be confused as a generic piece of tech, but I think it’d be blasphemy to say so. It has a smooth velvety feeling while still tapping at something within me that says “happy happy joy joy”. I love how minimal tech can feel so poignant.

♫ Paul Kalkbrenner – Aaron (Ted & Francis Vocal Version)
This one is more blerg friendly. Ted & Francis are great, singing about wishing to be Polar Bears and what not. They know what they’re doing and are absolutely great at it. P.s. theyre Australian – aren’t we a fucking great country sometimes.

♫ 2raumwohnung – Wir Werden Sehen (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix) <–
I love that music that incorporates bleeps and bloops and ‘djsz’ can be so ambient and calming. This song is one of those you can listen to a million times and feel like you haven’t heard enough of it, or that it just somehow slipped through your consciousness and you didn’t get enough time to appreciate it.

P.s lol at everyone going nuts about Tiesto coming back to Australia. Pass me a bucket someone?


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“Most of it is bland and boring and does nothing for me.”

couldnt agree more dude

ps. why do you need a bucket for tiesto, are you going to wear it on your head so you cant hear him haha

Comment by RARCHE

nah she’s gonna use it to build a giant sandcastle monument to Tiesto because she loves him so much

Comment by Scottish Friction

wow you boys are soo far off.
for ONCE i was using a standard cliche
—pass me a bucket so i can vom
giving it laldy

Comment by kish07

haha laldy!
you’ll be a scotswoman yet kish! ❤

Comment by Scottish Friction

no, stay a melburnian. much better.

Comment by RARCHE

i’ll stick to melbourne.
i cant understand what the fuck the scottish are saying half the time.
i watched a documentary the other day, and they used subtitles for the scottish people in it 😛

Comment by kish07

rack off!

Comment by Scottish Friction

settle down groundskeeper willy ❤

Comment by kish07

put another shrimp on the barbie crocodile dundee! that’s not a knife, THIS is a knife!

Comment by Scottish Friction

i like all of your info ,
please bump me if you get some more news about this post

Comment by beetroot juice

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