What bloody happened? by Kish
August 31, 2009, 12:56 PM
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According to the media, Australian’s are a fan of saying ‘bloody’ – I am not a fan and I am Australian. Anyways before I go off topic — most of us can agree that the Bloody Beetroots now suck. I totally lost any hope for them after I heard ‘Awesome’. (I think its epicly hilarious that the song is called Awesome and it is so fucking crap). I wrote the Beetroots off and swore not to look back unless they got their old mojo back.

So I’m driving around and listening to Triple J (cos im so indi3) and I hear this vampire-esque electro choonage and I look over at my friend “this is siq”. So I waited until the song finished so I can grab the title and download the shit out of it — it was the Bloody Beetroots. I come home and google it, my lord, its even been around the block already. I’m all for being fashionably late so I’m going to post it anywaysz.

♫ The Bloody Beetroots – Have Mercy On Us (feat. Cècile) <–this is siq
Have Mercy On Us  is just filthy. I love the evil vampire nuances that are almost reminiscent of Justice’s sound yet not quite. This is something Count Von Count would rock out to on a Friday night while hopped up on cocaine. I love how creeped out this song makes me feel when I am home alone.

♫ The Bloody Beetroots – We Are From Venice (La Serenissima)
This is the second decent find from da be3trOotsz, but seriously, two tracks – that is all. C’mon guys, you used to be fucking mint.

I think this vampire sound is working for the Beetroots, stick with it maybe? And stop releasing shit, kthxbye.


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did you hear “mother?” if so, what’d you think of it?

Comment by julius

i just listened to it then. wow, its really different. it almost has a weird electro-pop feel to it. i’ll give it a 6.5/10

Comment by kish07

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Comment by Tony Brown

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