How Roman-tic by Kish

Romantic isn’t a word that really comes to you when you hear John Roman‘s work. ‘Filthy’ is probably more accurate along with “blooping madness”. Why is this guy unsigned again?! Its the kind of music you want to hear in the deep throws of the night, while you’re dancing in a club at 5am blowing up on ridiculous amounts of ecstasy. Ah this music is just fucking great and I am as straight as a cucumber – so no drugs are required. His myspace says he is from a lot of places – Ontario, London, Toronto – WHERE CAN I FIND YOU MR. ROMAN

Oh well, clearly he is on the run from the law like Olivia Newton-John’s boyfriend. Ha I have a theory about her boyfriend:  he’s hiding from her cos shes old and saggy, and she just won’t accept that the relationship is over. He even released a statement a while ago from wherever the fuck he is hiding urging everyone to stop looking for him. Poor guy. Leave the poor guy alone you stupid hag.

My theories are great, stay tuned for more of them.

Mr Roman’s sound is gritty, angry and so raw it makes you want to grab a couple of speakers and bang them till your hands bleed. This guy is definitely underrated. He even has one epic list of influences, namely Justice, Daft Punk, De La Soul, Chromeo, and Sebastien Tellier (read them all on his myspace, its hard to hate this guy!). His choons speak for themselves, so get your fingers moving and grooving and downloading these beauties.

♫ John Roman – Martyr <– fuck yeaaaaah!
This one is great, it sounds like chainsaws having an intense shuffling battle or something equally as great ofcourse.

♫ Golden Gloves & John Roman – Huh?
I think I’ve discovered why i love this guy so much. Everything he makes is so dark and dirty like TFU! lol Make a facebook page for this dude John Roman for TFU Residency

♫ John Roman – Carnivores <–shit yeaaaaah!
This one is heavy. It just seriously sounds like lawn mowers raping the shit out of eachother. Kind of messed up that I enjoy this so much then? Lawn mowers can’t feel pain, its okay.

♫ Barletta – Panther (John Roman Remix)
He remixes too 🙂 What a slick guy. I can pick his Alan Braxe influences here, only a little bit. Nice euphoric build up, to a dirty filthy beat.

Felix Cartal – Skeleton (John Roman Remix) <–
I almost forgot to add this — blasphemy! I just want to run around a room and bang walls and bang my feet and shuffle with a group of roided up muzzas. Fuck this is epic stuff.

….John Roman will you marry me?


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eeek, the first link…it’s missing. =(

Comment by Jenny


Comment by kish07

fucking shout on John Roman btw!
love it when you discover music on a blog.
happens more often than not on yours Kish!

Comment by Scottish Friction

ha thanks man, thats a fucking lovely thing to say 🙂

Comment by kish07

He’s probably from London, Ontario its like a 2-3 hour drive away from Toronto. Its good to hear a fellow canadian making some bomb music. Thanks!

Comment by Larbs

Ha, clearly I have no idea about Canada.
Thanks friendly Canadian Larbsz ❤

Comment by kish07

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