Fuck ja! by Kish
August 27, 2009, 9:12 PM
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Its a little bit like Fuck yeah! But Fuck Ya! Capish?

Boys Noize is great, right? But he has been soo goddamn disappointing lately. And then I found this. Makes me believe in the Ridha again.

I saw Boys Noize live at Summadayze 2009. I had this uplifting euphoric NATURAL high throughout his set. It was absolutely great. Too bad everyone I was with had no idea who Boys Noize was. AND i remember when he dropped Fake Blood’s Mars, they all laughed when i jumped up and down and said “i loooooove this song”. I need more musically knowledged friendsicles. Give me a call if you think you can satisfy my needs.

♫ Boys Noize – Ja! <–♥!
Its beautiful and delicate and reminds me a little bit of Lifelike. Its great to see something new and wonderful from Alex.


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stupid aliases.
what happened to the days when DJs would stick to one name forever and ever?
everyone is so fickle these days

Comment by kish07

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