I’ve been disgustingly neglectful by Kish

This weekend has been a mess, like always. Seriously, do not expect posts on the weekends, unless an assignment is due on the Monday or something like that. I got kicked out of the club I went to on Friday, lulz. I could not stop laughing. That’s twice I’ve been thrown out of a club, fuck I am hardcore. Its funny that I never get kicked out on my own merit though, I just get kicked out for my friends shit behaviour.

Friday, I went to see Zoo Brazil at TFU. I don’t even know when Zoo Brazil was meant to play, but I am guessing it was around the time the DJ booth was buzzing. If that was him playing — fucking slick as set buddy. It was a strangely enjoyable and eventful night. I might take a nice long break however, and skip this weekend. Ha.

Anywaysz, “moar choonsz” coming your way. This is a bit of a mixed bag, just some slick stuff I have picked up along the way. Stay sexy ❤

discoball bustop

♫ Zoo Brazil & Adam Sky – Circle Jerk
John Andersson, aka Mr Zoo Brazil has this perfect dark and gritty sound for those late nights you just don’t want to go home. Its a little bit electro, a little bit minimal and a little bit awesome.

♫ M83 – Run Into Flowers (Midnight Fuck Remix By Jackson)
Aren’t M83 absolutely wonderful? It took me a long time to appreciate their out of this world sound – mostly because loud obese bleeps and bloops ruled my world. I love the smooth sound and how it barely sound like a remix.

♫ Kraftwerk – Man Machine
Kraftwerk are the pioneers of electronica, no? Sure Daft Punk did great things and took it to another level, but these guys have been around since the 1970s which I find absolutely amazing.

♫ Moguai – ZYVOX (Original Mix)
Slick as an oil spill. Get onto the Steve Duda mix if you’re after something slightly darker and bloopier.

♫ Three 6 Mafia vs Sebastien Tellier – I’d Rather Kiss Some Roche (Arthur King Remix)
I don’t particularly like this song, which goes against everything I stand for – i HATE posting shit music. But its just such a walking talking oxymoron of a song. The most shameless lyrics teamed with one of the most romantic man’s song.

♫ Andretta – Tendencies (Original Mix)
Just a bit ‘lol’ with these lyrics. I love how its progressive and then this deep beat starts bumping and it makes you want to go all ‘Daft Punk’ and sing “oh yeaaaah oh yeaaaah”.


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how good is M83 remicks eh!

Comment by Scottish Friction

its amazing
you have great taste in choons ❤

Comment by kish07

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