The Glory Days by Kish
August 13, 2009, 1:58 PM
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lol darth dick and balls

Thank god I was wearing a helmet, otherwise I would have made a mess when this piece of news just BLEW MY MIND.

Elbo.ws have finally recognised me as an mp3 blogger – properly this time! Now you can find my blog and choonsz there when you do searches and things. How exciting. Does that mean I need to clean up my language now? Ha, fuck eet.

Now hold on… what has happened to Mr. David Guetta? I remember first discovering him mid way through highschool and thinking his sound was so dark and chic and novel. And now, he’s teaming up with Akon? Fuck his life I rekon. I heard ‘Sexy Bitch’ not too long ago and just felt…pity. Okay, so the Kelly Rowland one was a cheesy bomb, so its exused (I quite enjoyed myself to it at Winter Sound System ha) but Akon is taking it too far. I don’t want to hear anymore from this new David Guetta, kthx.

It’s almost as bad as The Bloody Beetroot’sAwesome‘ or the new MSTRKRFT; which isn’t so bad, but is tres cheesy. Fuck what is happening to everyone. Bring back the old David Guetta, the old MSTRKRFT and the old filthy Bloody Beetroots we all used to love.

♫ David Guetta – Distortion<–
Wow, this is a really heavy chooooon. I loved it from the word go – told all my friends about it THEN the David Guetta ‘Let Love Go’ bandwagon started up its engine. The good old times

♫ MSTRKRFT – Easy Love
I’m a sucker for vocoders. Come on, how can they stray so far from this sound! It was so goddamn good. I’m bopping my shoulders to it right now. Its filthy, grimy and upbeat just like a good choon should be. I think Heartbreaker is a great piece of cheese, but fuck offf and bring the old MSTRKRFT back!

♫ The Bloody Beetroots – I Love The Bloody Beetroots
Well I used to… I swear if they play lots of their new crap or new ‘sound’ at Stereosonic I will complain very loudly in a corner.

another SIQ one for good measure…hopefully things return to normal soon?
♫ Cazals – Somebody Somewhere (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)<–

— Kish


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millenium guetta was never cool as much as you want it to be high school again

Comment by nigel

relax there nigel lan.
i was just saying that he’s gotten shit.
taken a listen to distortion?

Comment by kish07

congrats on the Elbo.ws!
you’re now officially cool.
btw the new bloody beetroots album is amazing. im not even ashamed to say that.

p.s i love the bloody beetroots

Comment by Scottish Friction

but awesome….was so not awesome!

Comment by kish07

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