Canadians aren’t so bad afterall by Kish

We all know who A-Trak is, so I’m not going to do some gay spiel about who he is and how great he is – cos we all know he’s fucking good. He first got my attention with his Boys Noize remix of the wonderfully titled ‘Oh!’. It got me singing along to the barely coherent words – which is always a great way to pick that you really like a song. I kind of like that this guy is Canadian. Canadians never get the thumbs up unless their Terrance & Phillip really, right?

I watch too much South Park. But before i forget what the hell I’m supposed to be writing about and start a discussion about whether Mr Garrison is better off as a lesbian or a pedophile……I’ll get back to the lovely Alain Macklovitch (yeah dude, that is A-Trak’s real name, siq no?).

I checked out his top 10 for August and found some choonsz. Except I’ve never understood how you can get a REAL top 10 until the end of the month, get me? Unless its predictive ofcourse – I’m not a total dick.

♫ Fred Falke – Chicago Feat. Teff Balmer (Extended Mix) <–slick or what!
♫ Jack Beats – Labyrinth <– heavyyy
Erol Alkan & Boys Noize – Waves (Teaser)
♫ Das Glow – I Want To Wake Up With You (Original Mix)

A-Trak is kind of charming for a Canadian…..I’m so easy.

Those teeth whitening ads on mediafire are unnerving — sorry! But on the other hand quite convincing. I’m lucky I don’t own a credit card.

— Kish


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Scissor Me Timbers! Xerxes!
p.s. good shout on the jack beatzzzzzzzzzz

Comment by Scottish Friction

quite odd. when i click the jack beats chune it goes to the waves teaser, sigh.

Comment by julius

fuck, my bad!
its all fixed now

Comment by kish07

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