Where is my Parklife ticket!? by Kish
August 11, 2009, 5:41 PM
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Today was crap. My bank account looks like crap. I left my sunroof open and it rained and made me all wet and look like crap. Parklife sold out – i don’t have a ticket: crap! Tuesdays are just a fail day. I want some dj equipment so I can rock out with my cock out and forge some happiness on days like these. I should get some donation thing happening on here. Ahahaha.

So if ANYONE has two Parklife tickets for Melbourne please drop me a line and I may offer icecreams and gobbiesz and moneysz in return ❤ I need to see Crystal Castles and have a total Skins moment!

By the way, did you hear Uffie is pregnant! I hope she isn’t popping pills like they’re vitamins… cos she got to this point where she started looking like a rank druggie. Such a shame.

♫ Mr Oizo – Steroid feat. Uffie
♫ Crystal Castles – Untrust Us (Butyreux Remix)

I feel so lazy, so no tripped out descriptions of how wonderful each song is. Ha.

— Kish


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