Complain and you shall receive by Kish

problems are solved with duct tape - always

I woke up at 7am for uni today only to find out that my 9am lecture was cancelled. Now I have to go to uni on a Thursday from 9am to 6pm. I’m paying 8 grand yearly to be tortured for 9 hours a day. FML.

Any good? Nah, its not funny enough for the site, more depressing really. Since I didn’t have much to do today, I msged everyone I like, and then felt a strange urge to watch documentaries about serial killers. Aren’t I just lovely and normal.

Just as I started thinking all my complaining about lack of choonage was going to unanswered, BAM i find some gems.

♫ Killa Kela  – Everyday (Lifelike Remix) <–
Funky, smooth and oh so delectable. Lifelike is a god to me, so so good. This makes me want to dance and hug multiple people i don’t know. P.s. Alan Braxe worked on this! Imagine working with the mighty Braxe! So much awesomeness right thurr.

♫ Moby – Mistake (Yuksek Remix) <–
Yuksek is an amazing artist who is a slick remixer. This is just another great mix…at first I was a little unsure of the choppy sound at 3:10ish, but I’ve grown accustomed to it (I almost compared it to the Crookers for a second — i deserve to be shot for that).

♫ La Roux – Bulletproof (Fred Falke Remix) <–
Man, I know what the Falke haters are saying — “bla bla bla we’re ugly and we think Fred Falke’s sound is boring cos its always the same”. Clean out your ears you dirty wanks. Falke is consistently awesome and his sound is just this magical sound of outer space and Frenchy goodness all rolled into one.

♫ The Virgins – Rich Girls (The Twelves Remix) <–
The Twelves are great. The Twelves remixed a great song. What does this mean……..Greatness. I loved the Hemmingway mix, I loved the Little Boots cover and now I have this to love. This kind of reminds me of Chromeo? Woah a mix by those boys would be slick as!

Wow this post is full of so much fucking win. Download alllllllllll of it. You’ll be so much happier afterwards, I promise –  or you get your money back, minus postage and handling.

— Kish


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