Its about as close as you can get to making love to music by Kish

Human after all

I feel disgusting. I had my first proper night out last night for the first time since the start of my cripledom. Substances are bad for you. I did very bad things. Lol, but onto a lighter topic. CHOONSZ.

I met a friend of Mickey Nox – who is just a local Melbourne DJ on the scenesz. When my face must have turned from being on the verge of becoming sick to pure excitement, he offered to introduce me to Nox. I’ve sat next to Mickey Nox on a tram, I’m usually not excited by him, and its not like he’s Daft Punk – but i got a bit excited thurr.

Then i started this loooong speech about how i just really appreciate the music. THATS why i was excited to meet him. I put DJs on a pedastool, because I am so envious of what they do! Epiphaniesz happening here.
My urge to sex DJs is purely admiration, not hormones. It all makes sense now.

Instead of posting some disgusting bleeps and bloops here, I’ve decided to put up some good hangover music =) Good idea no? I’m full of them.

haha oizo looks like i feel

♫ N*E*R*D – You Know What
This is a smooth smooth song with some awesome and hilarious lyrics. I’ve been listening to a lot of N*E*R*D in my car, and having a fine time doing it. It makes me feel that little bit cooler when i turn it up and just nod my head along to the beat. I heard this song live (!!!), sucks that Future skimped out on the sound (N)

♫ DJ Falcon – Unplugged <–
Wow, do you need something that soothes the mind and the soul so soft and delicately, that its like having consentual rape with a song. I love this sound. Magical.

♫ Passion Pit – Swimming In the Flood
Why should Sleepyhead get all the attention, right? This song is wonderful. You can just lay back and imagine swimming in dark watersz on a beach at night.

♫ Seal – Amazing (Thin White Duke Mix)
Talk about an oldie but an absolute banger. I remember playing this song on repeat circa 2007 when we went up to Rye for schoolies. That was a great time. I think I was drunk just non stop for a week. Being young is awesome.

Music is the answer to all your problems — except the one where you love it so much you feel the need to fuck anyone who makes it. My bad!


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