Youth Speed Coke Heroin by Kish
August 6, 2009, 1:23 PM
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sexy smoking vintage wayfarers

Ah i love finding goodies in my inbox. This time… well its K.S again =P. Maybe I’m in love, or maybe this guy is so awesome that everything he’s touched has turned into musical gold. I am definitely a fan, and if you want to scream “I AM A FAN TOO” just do it on facebook.

♫ Cassius – Youth Speed Trouble Cigarettes (K.S ‘Higher State of Consciousness of Da Funk’ remix)
I wasn’t given the okay to post this until last night, but its a banger methinks! I like how K.S doesn’t take away too much from the original song, but keeps it swift, simple and slick as. He adds a little housey feel to the song, but you can definitely hear the Cassius signature sound. Towards the middle it gets a little crazy and electro clashy, which gets my rocks off, and you can feel this euphoric build up – it gets intense man.

I still think that minus the vocals, this song would be epic. Dub mixxx please!

I also found this floating around on the internet. Its worth a listen!

♫ 33HZ – I Feel Alive (Le Jad & K.S Remix)

Stay tuned for a Fred Falke mix……..hopefully!


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Ahah, thanks, once again!

I may be wrong, but, this pic is from that “Shadows” movie by John Cassavetes, isn’t it?

Comment by K.S

No worries man 🙂

Ha, i have no idea where the picture is from actually. I just thought it looked hardcore.

Comment by kish07

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