You’re moments ago, but seconds away by Kish
August 5, 2009, 11:15 AM
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glitter and stuff

I didn’t go to Yuksek on Sunday night 😦 My ankle is sore and everyone was poor (sometimesi feel like rap is my true calling). Instead of unloading all of my emotional pain onto you about losing out on live Yuksek (seriously though, fml) I thought I’d share this. I don’t know how old or new it is (I’m guessing new, cos I think I am psychic), all i know is that Yuksek’s remixes are finding a place close to my heart. The more i hear the more i like. Yuksek, you’re the fucking shit, come back sooooon!

♫ Gossip – Heavy Cross (Yuksek Remix)<–
I thought the Fred Falke mix was my favourite, but this is so funky and cool, i might just change my mind. Nothing disgustingly over the top either. Two thumbs up. Gossip confuses me though… i don’t know why. I don’t think I could ever be an avid fan… they’re just so confusing.

p.s. I heard this on the radio while in the train. How old school am I, listening to the radio? It just rekindled my love for it. Sometimes I am so proud being Australian – the talent we seem to have is pretty cool.

♫ Miami Horror – Summerfest ’86


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aw man gutted about ur yuksek debacle. ifhyl

Comment by Scottish Friction

i have no idea what “ifhyl” means
i blame it on my old age.

Comment by kish07

i fucking hate your life!
i dont really. i was just doing it for the loltendo64s!

Comment by Scottish Friction

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