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August 3, 2009, 1:44 PM
Filed under: Choons, Electro, Remixes

What the fucking fuck — my Daft Punk post got deleted. No love. Major cbf redoing it, a lot of love went into it too 😦
proxy is hawt
Details aren’t confirmed, but whispers are telling me that PROXY is coming down under in Decemburrrrr. Man that russian is hawt, and I seriously cannot wait to hear his abrasive, filthy sound bleep and bloop its way into my heart. It will be hot and balmy by the time December comes around – i seriously don’t think it can get any more perfect?

♫ Proxy – Raven
I couldn’t seriously do a post on this guy and leave this banger out. Its intensely dirty and dancey all rolled into one perfect choon. Fucking mint. None of this remix bullshit here – original is always the best. (Crookers remix is okay though :P)

♫ Proxy – Dancing In The Dark <–
Ah, this one is wonderful. The vocals are pretty and delicate, perfect contrast to the heavy beat and the filthy bloops. I am a fan of the lyrics “dancing in the dark all out of time”. Ha, its okay to be totally unco, Proxy said so.

♫ Boys Noize – Let’s Buy Happiness (The Proxy Remix)
Proxy belongs to the dirty grimey electro family I am wholeheartedly and helplessly in lust with. Names like Oizo, Justice and Birdy Nam Nam have this signature sound that can only be described as disgustingly erotic. That pretty much sums up this song for me.

While i’m on the topic, I am sick to death of clubs promoting their sound as “dirty electro”. Cheesy house music isn’t dirty electro you stupid swine flu victims.

Take it easy, Kish

oh! p.s. my internet blogfriend, Scottish Friction, put this up a while ago, it is aweeeeeeeesome. Ha Proxy has a siq voice, and its Kissy Sellout. Too good!


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cracking! we’ll no longer be proxy-virgins! blogfriend eh?! acez. does that mean i’m your BF? hahahahahhahahahaha maniac laugh
p.s. i can’t get enough of that mix he did for Kissy either!

Comment by Scottish Friction

hahaha you creep
the mix he did for my lover kissy is siq.
he has the most awesome russian accent haha

Comment by kish07

wow, i did a post devoted to proxy on the same day. freaky.

p.s. i fucking hate raven, no offence haha, the rest are sweet

Comment by RARCHE

we must be blog soul mates or something equally as awesome.

lol asif you hate raven
its epic

Comment by kish07

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