I’m ageing faster than I thought I would by Kish
July 29, 2009, 1:38 AM
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i heart

Today I was brushing my teeth, and as i pushed the toothbrush into the side of my mouth (this sounds so dirty) i saw WRINKLES. Like, smile wrinkles…..and i wasn’t even smiling. Fucking hell, i am only 19, i didn’t think i would have to deal with this kind of shit till i was 29! I want to be young again, when all you had to worry about was getting a pimple before the day of the big disco where your crush was going to see you. Ah fuck, and i also found a pimple. FML

I’ve been getting really lazy with this blog. I’m so fickle its disgusting.

Music is so uninspiring these days, I really only want to post things that amaze me, and unfortunately, “amazement” isn’t a daily emotion. When i saw this in my inbox, i thought YEP this is what I am posting on da futuristeec silencesz. It really disappointed me though.

Heres two finds that aren’t absolutely terrible

♫ Fukkk Offf – Bl00dfuck (Lebatman remix)
This is a surprisingly smooth and tasty remix of Fukkk Offf. Man they’re huge now, i feel so proud.

♫ Damn Arms – Destination (Cassian Remix)

I love anything with vocoders in it. Its like i get an inner erection when i hear vocoders in choons. Cassian is doing swimmingly. Its cool.

♫ Daft Punk – Veridis Quo <–
I’ve been in a shit mood and this is so comforting ❤ It has nuances of sadness, but nothing emo. Goddamn i love them. Where are the wonderful mind blowing mixes of this? I definitely hear a mashup –> Veridis Quo and Something About Us. I’m just a genius.


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