I have a coke addiction by Kish

space vag

I have a coke addiction. Sometimes i lye in bed, after not having any all day long, craving it so badly. Last night, after not having any coke for two days, I considered maybe going for a late night drive to purchase some. Not a lot of it, just enough to satisfy my crippling urges. I fell asleep watching the Tyra Banks Show (lol), so i didn’t end up going for that late night drive. This morning i woke up feeling dehydrated and weak and the cravings were still there. So i asked mum for some change, and i zoooomed to the shop around the corner. Picked up two bottles of coke and was on my way home, ready for my first sip in a few days. Ahaha i almost got you thurr. But i think i really do have a problem.

Anyways, i’ve got some new choons for you. Bag Raiders newie Shooting Stars is pretty cool. I’m not actually a big Bag Raiders fan but my favourite thing about this release are the mixes. Kris Menaaaaaaaaaaaace. I can never have enough of him. Its almost as bad as my coke addiction.

♫ Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (Kris Menace Remix) <–
I love the Menace. This remix is dark and spacey filled with that special fairy dust flavour Falke and Lifelike seem to also have. It has a deep euphoric feeling to it as well, just wonderful. This will not disappoint!

♫ Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (Shazam Dub Mix) <–
This is so funky it hurts. Its got a nice beat and is very danceable. I’m usually not a fan of dub mixes, but this seems to hit the spot. Also, LOCAL TALENT ALERT. Shazam will be at this year’s Parklife, so get your glowsticks ready kids.

P.s. If you find you’re Kris Menace thirst unquenchable, get your hands on this if you haven’t already. It is fucking epic.
♫ Kris Menace – Essential Mix 07-26-2008 <–


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damn, for a moment there i thought you were a crack whore

you didnt say ‘bottle’ until you went past half of the paragraph

no offence haha

Comment by RARCHE

i know, im so smooth and deceptive its scary

Comment by kish07

great picture.
u think she’s got a black hole?
boom boom tsh!

Comment by Scottish Friction

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