Chromeo-ohhh by Kish
July 24, 2009, 12:57 AM
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chromeo candid

My last post was extremely lazy and i feel like shit for even putting it up. I’m going to make up for it right now.

After rediscovering ‘Call Me Up’ and being introduced to a new mix of it by ET MUSIQUE I had another listen to my Chromeo collection.

I’m a massive Chromeo fan, aren’t we all? They’re hard to fault, hard to hate, hard to refrain from dancing along to. I remember discovering them while listening to Nova one night. Ha, i must have been 15, and i heard ‘Needy girl’ and i frantically scribbled the lyrics on my hand while i lied in bed. Best discovery. I showed my friends Needy Girl, but they insisted they liked the remixed version better =P …dickheads.

By the way, did you know Dave 1 teaches French at Columbia University. Now that’s a class I would go to without fail (unless i was too tired ofcourse).

♫ Yuksek – So Down feat Chromeo
Fingers are STILL crossed that i can attend Yuksek in a couple of weeks! This big cast is coming off soon and we’ll get to see if my ankle is finally unbroken. Nothing like a little bit of Chromeo & Yuksek ❤ “When he’s gone I’m doing it better”

♫ Chromeo – Fancy Footwork
I love this song. I can have it playing on repeat for hours and not even notice. A typical guy’s idea of ‘fancy footwork’ in Melbourne is shuffling until they passout – funny, but no thanks.

If you’re craving some new Chromeo, this is the best i can do for you, otherwise you’ll just have to wait!


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