Love smog by Kish

I was just lying in bed, thinking about too many sebastians. No… not the blog. Sebastien Tellier mostly, SebastiAn, Sebastian Ingrosso……Guy Sebastian. Lol jokesz. I posted a couple days ago, about someone telling me about this festival in Europe, where Tellier’s La Ritournelle was used as the closing song. The sun was coming up as La Ritournelle played, and it was just so overwhelmingly beautiful that everyone starting kissing and making lurve. Honestly, i have no idea about the details and can’t seem to find anything on the internet about it, but don’t stop reading just yet!

I kept thinking of Sebastien Tellier invoking such intense emotion and love in his crowd through just one song – it caused a mass ripple of love and crazy animalistic urges, yet i’m sure many could say it was just the e talking (ha i made a Soulwax reference beeetchesz). It just blows my mind everytime i think about it. Sometimes i underestimate the power music really has on us.

These days, we don’t turn to Lionel Richie or the Backstreet Boys to make us feel warm and gooey with incessant love; there are new players in the love sawng game. Love songs aren’t sappy anymore, with a boring generic beat, they’re even club favourites (Show Me Love…..*ergh* but its true) – the times they are a-changin’ pal. These are love songs for the now… and the future man. Get awn it.

♫ Daft Punk – Something About Us
I know this is old, and probably makes the entire point of my post, well – pointless, but it is riduculously romantic. No one seems to agree with me. Sure, I see why, but its so corny and ‘love conquers all’-esque.

♫ Appaloosa – The Day (We Fell In Love) (Ted & Francis Remix)
This song makes me wish i was madly in love. The vocals are so soft and smooth. Ted & Francis are awesome. I’ve been a fan ever since they’ve been singing about wishing they were polar bears. Give all my soul for this deadly feeling of love. If you dont consider that lyric crazy romantic, you are dead to me.

♫ Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcom – So Much Love To Give (Daft Mafia Reworked)
Hmm, okay fuck it, lets make this a love song post, because clearly im just using this as an excuse to post Daft Punk related anyyything and I’m contradicting everything i just preached.Everyone knows this, everyone love this. Its wonderful, its lovely, its funky, its  just all sorts of epic man.

♫ The Paradise (Alan Braxe & Romuald) – In Love With You (Prelude)
I would walk down the aisle to this. Ha I’m not a big advocate of marriage, so i don’t think i’d have to shock my parents with my choice of song in this lifetime, but its so looooovely. Its Alan Braxe ffs.


♫ Sebastien Tellier – La Ritournelle (Live at Cigale 30/04/08)
I couldn’t talk about Sebastien Tellier without posting his chooooon. And i got my sexy little hands on a live version 🙂


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