Life is boring, Live music is not by Kish

Thats how my brain looked when this song BLEW MY MIND

Today I got an email from Elbo.ws saying that I am now officially an ‘mp3 blogger’. Finally they’ve recognised my awesomeness. Jesus, take your fucking time. Nah, I’m grateful. I’ve been downloading so many tunes daily. Yet I am unable to find anything I like, yet alone love. Maybe I’m hardening over time, and having a music blog is getting to me; turning me into an evil music hater.  But seriously, if you have something MAGICAL that is going to blow my socks off, send it my way and i will return the favour with gobbies and icecreams.

…AND  just then, like my prayers were answered, someone says to me “i have fucking INSPIRATION for you”. He went from talking to me about Sebatien Tellier performing ‘Divine’ at Eurovision (Ha i didnt know Mr Tellier performed at Eurovision, what a loon. Lol at the back up singers!!) to how La Ritournelle caused everyone to mack on when it was played as the closing song as the sun rose at a festival somewhere in Europse. Jesus, that gives me goosebumps thinking about it. Magique.

From that, i watched ‘La Ritournelle’ performed live by Tellier, which is absolute magic. He went on to tell me how someone youtube commented the video, comparing La Ritournelle to Radiohead’s ‘Reckoner’ which led him to tell me about how wonderful Gnarls Barkley’s live cover of Reckoner is. Which nowwwww leads me to post this!

♫ Gnarls Barkley – Reckoner (Radiohead Cover – Live @ Astoria 2, London 2008) <–
As soon as I heard this, i fell whole-heartedly and madly in love.


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congrats on the Elbo.ws action.

Comment by Scottish Friction

yes i am the inspiration giverer

Comment by Mark

Comment by kish07

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