Would you like some cheese with that? by Kish

Lovely cheese

I won’t lie, i do enjoy my cheese. Its great when i go out, in need of an utterly disgraceful night that will make me smile for weeks on end. Cheese has been the common ingredient in my most awesome nights out. Usually, even during the worst choon droughts, i find cheese comforting and homely. So here is some goddamn cheese motherfucker (not in any affiliation with ‘Riverside’) …..god im funny.

♫ Diplo & Afrojack – Pon De Floor (Laidback Luke Feat DJ Auri PS Version 2009) <–
I am a HUGE fan of Afrojack. I find most of his music isn’t riduculously predictable, but brings a nice change to things. Whenever i grab one of his choons i find myself going “ahh this is that awesome song i heard out a week ago”. Fucking epic stuff Afrojack, and this is no exception. Stock standard Laidback Luke remix. Two thumbs up.

♫ The Face vs Mark Brown & Adam Shaw – Needin U (rework by K.S)
This one came zooming into my inbox and man, its pretty awesome. It features that funky house bassline we’ve all come to love and three words – i love pjano. Nice rework by Frenchman K.S. – i think I’m definitely turning into a groupie. I’m going to be needin u to give me some more choons man! Ha see what i did thurr.

♫ Drumma & Calvin Harris & Soulsearcher – Can’t Get Convict Alone (Dirty South Bootleg) <–
Dirty South’s new release ‘We Are’ did nothing for me. But this is a bangin remix. I just wanna be spreadin some of this over crackers and eating it all up. Definitely has ‘would-go-crazy-for-at-a-festival’ written all over it. I like how it starts off slowly with the drums, and builds and builds, tres cool. Cheese is a dirty habit, I can’t get enough =P you’ll get my jokesz after you listen to it.

♫ Analog People In A Digital World – Rose Rouge (Fonzerelli Club Mix)
I never thought I would be posting Fonzarelli on my blog. But then again, i post Lady Gaga….. so i really need to get off the drugsz right? No, but this song is just wonderful. Its uplifting, euphoric and hey, features those magical progressive piano sounds i really do love. This is a nice cheesy song, which really makes me smile =)

♫ M.P.G. feat. Tanya Michelle – Original Sin (Maurizio Gubellini Remix)
This has a really old school vibe to it – thats the reason I was drawn to this cheesy beauty. Gubellini is a king though, so I can’t really wrong him. Love the vocals, love the beat. Noice.

p.s. i was going to post that esquire mix of la roux’s the kill, turns out, la roux really doesn’t belong in the cheese department. ktxhbye.

– Kish


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good stuff & taste here mate! 😉

Comment by Diego Sotelo

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