I feel to lazy to post anything but…. i will. by Kish
July 19, 2009, 7:18 PM
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I really do have a yearning for robot stuff. Weird.

I write really long posts, because I lurve describing the songs i post here for ya’ll. I’ve finally come up with a trick to make my posts look less boring and never-ending – stick in some fab indi3 pictures in the middle of the post as well as the start, genius no? But then again, who is really reading all my bullshit – i bet most people just download the tracks on here and delete my website from their memories  foreveerrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Dramatic.

This is my weekend round up, so the best choons i’ve found the past three-ish days. Enjoy hombres

♫ Calvin Harris – Ready For The Weekend (Fake Blood Remix)
Its no secret that I am a big fan of what Fake Blood does. Ever since he released Mars, I’ve had a thirst for moar blood. This choon has his signature bouncey beat, which is just awesome. Its not boom boom all in your face, but theres something mellow about it – only slightly though, this is Fake Buhlood after all.

♫ Chromeo – I Can’t Tell You Why (Eagles Cover)
This is out there floating on the internetsz. Just sign up to get the song delivered to your email. Its pretty standard Chromeo, and i must say, its nice to finally hear from them again!

♫ datA – Rapture (Kids at the Bar Remix) <–
I found dATA a while ago, and this song was my pick from the get-go. Kids at the Bar have been doing swimmingly, remixing shit really well too. I think this mix is pretty cool and bouncy enough to keep you listening the entire way through.

♫ M83 – We Own The Sky (Maps Mix)
This is really nice. Ambient, easy listening. M83 are pretty awesome, and their sound isn’t compromised by big bleeps and bloops either, its just wonderfully done. Download it from rcrdlbl.com

♫ Kris Menace – Lightning
Kris Menace, Lifelike and Fred Falke are all grouped together and live in a special place within my heart. Kris Menace shares the same funky smooth fairy dust magical sound Falke and Lifelike do, and its absolutely divine. This song is no exception. Ah since i can’t help myself, have his day version of Metropolis. Its a winner.

I must be getting picky… cos i can’t seem to find very many choons i dig right now. Che sera sera.



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