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No one likes a boring music blog and i think this is becoming one. That’s just the worst thing next to having orange hair……sorry to all the rangas out there – i really do secretly love you all. Everyone is sick right now, everyone is love struck and heartbroken. Jesus… my life is so boring. This means i can discover musique though!

So I’ve finally started sewing and altering all these dresses and stuff I’ve picked up from op shops in the past couple months. I think I may just be fucking amazing. I have turned this piece of turd dress into something i cannot wait to wear. What i’m trying to get at, is that i love different versions of certain things. Sometimes changing shit up makes it better……..most of the time it makes it worse. This is pretty much my convoluted way of making a segue way into a post about covers and reinterpretations of songs and such.

♫ Digitalism – Idealistic (WhoMadeWho Reinterpretation)
WhoMadeWho are freaking amazing right now. I’ve never been so in love with them. Usually, i see a Digitalism remix/refix etc and groan, but this is awesome. Its got WhoMadeWho written all over it, and is a nice chill out choon.

♫ Death Cab For Cutie – Thriller (Michael Jackson Cover)
I really love live covers, i used to love Death Cab For Cutie when i liked emo music. Ha Death Cab is still cool. Amazing voice. I love the singalong. I really love all the Whitest Boy Alive live covers too, but theyre pretty bad quality

♫ Lykke Li – I’m Good, I’m Gone (Friendly Fires Cover)
Theres the Fred Falke mix and then theres the Friendly Fires cover, sweet. (Lol at all the ‘f’s) Its a really awesome cover, smooth, has a stunning beat and has a spoon full of my favourite – the piano.

♫ Mama Goose and the Diamond Chest – The Thong Song (Sisqo Cover)
This one isn’t particularly good, but it makes me laugh. Just download it if youre in a bad mood and need something awkward to laugh about. She even says the ‘n’ word, im totally not black enough to say it. ahahhah

Take it easy, but don’t be too sleazy



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Fresh design bro.

Got any kind of visitor count here?

Comment by Skyjacker

Thanks! 🙂 A visitor counter is kind of depressing considering i’m just starting and i don’t get a lot of traffic, but i’ve put one up now

Comment by kish07

says the guy with the most visitor counters i’ve ever seen in my puff

Comment by Scottish Friction

i would like to state that for the record dcfc is indie not emo. Just saying…

Comment by Joe

my bad dude.
i was just saying it jokingly 🙂

Comment by kish07

man you’re emo for just saying that

Comment by Scottish Friction

oh youre a good bf 😛

Comment by kish07

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