Two shots of excitement by Kish
July 13, 2009, 7:12 PM
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Passing ALL my subjects at uni is a great feeling — considering ‘passing’ isn’t something i have done before. I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and i don’t have to suck off old lecturers either! Life is just good right now. I really wanted to jump in the air for joy, but i can’t since i have a broken ankle – when i got my results, i even forget about my cripledom, amazing right? So now i know i can pass, all i have left to do is get GOOD grades. Awesome.

Big news – Cassius is releasing their new single TOMORROW! Its been yonks since we’ve heard from Cassius, and they truly are amazing with what they do, so i’m pretty excited to hear some new stuff. They’ve produced what is arguably one of the most exciting albums of the year – Phoenix’s ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’ and are back to spinning out some of their own stuff.

Hopefully i can get my dirty little hands on the single tomorrow (which sounds pretty goddamn good from what i’ve heard), and I’ll post it up here. Until then, here is a track from their upcoming EP Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes.

♫ Cassius – Almost Cut My Hair <–
It’s got a vintage Cassius feel to it, which im glad about, but it seems they’ve jumped on board the current electro sound. I love it, in all its bleepy and bloopy glory. The lyrics are absolutely cute and make me laugh. I wonder if Cassius will continue to be massive names, and if even my 15 year old brosef will become a fan. Kids these days aren’t very good with music, its a fact.

Imagine tha… a world where Basement Jaxx, Cassius and Air are STILL appreciated by our youth, instead of that Flo Rida and Miley Cryus crap.

…here’s a few more just for kicks as well as for teaching purposes for your younger siblings.

♫ Cassius – The Sound Of Violence (Feat. Steve Edwards) (Original Mix)
♫ Cassius – The Sound Of Violence (Feat. Steve Edwards) (Club Mix)
This one is an absolute classic. I remember when i heard the ‘club mix’ for the first time. I was absolutely blown away. What a goddamn choon. The original is awesome and grungy, but the club mix is euphoric and pretty. Make your pick.

Cassius – Toop Toop <–
I would need to be burnt at the stake if i did a Cassius post and didn’t put this song up. Its ah-mazing. Now this is what i call some goddamn motherfucking music. Its upbeat, but not sickening. Its housey, but not cheesy. It’s awesome.


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