Inevitable depression by Kish

lol crab hat

Big day tomorrow – no, i’m not ‘uncrippled’ tomorrow, nor is it my birthday. My goddamn uni results come out tomorrow. Everyone is asking me if i’m excited, if i’m nervous, if i think i passed or just vent their panic to me instead. I must be a world renowned listener or something just as cool.

Well, if i don’t pass my subjects this semester, i think i’m getting kicked out. Last year was just one massive bender, and i didn’t even go to uni. So i’m paying for it now. The newly improved and more epic ‘me’ shouldn’t have to pay for all the shit that happened last year because of the lazy, substance abusing ‘me’. So fingers crossed i get some siq marks so i won’t have to sell my body to my lecturers.

Anyway, onto more interesting things.

♫ Bloc Party – One more chance (K.S and Tom G. Remix) <–
Who likes piano filled house choons with just that hint of euphoria? I do. K.S is a wonderful guy, everything he has touched so far has turned into golden mp3s filled with love, and i really believe he is going to hit it big. Its reminiscent of the old Axwell i used to love. This guy has turned Bloc Party into house heaven. Genius.

♫ Da Fresh – Vocoder Ballad (Remix)
I don’t care if its old, I’m going to post it. I la-la-love vocoders. Its my favorite thing next to mascara, Pepsi and Daft Punk. This isn’t what you’d expect from something labeled ‘remix’ so put your glow sticks away and instead whip out a gin&tonic and some nostalgic photos.

♫ K-Os – Sunday Morning <–
Heres a classic for everyone enjoying their Sundays.. or sundaes. God i would enjoy a sundae right about now. But really, if you don’t know/love this song, you are dead to me. Redeem yourself and download it fool. It’s beautiful.

Oh glorious Monday, where art thou?


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