Yuksek! by Kish
July 9, 2009, 6:31 PM
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I can’t contain it. YUKSEK is coming to Melbourne — and I’m going to be all healed up. Oh yes, my first night out will be a Yuksek night. How amazing. I distinctly said to someone not too long ago “I hope Yuksek comes down soon, I’m really into him at the moment”, and its like the musical Gods heard my royal wish and granted the shit out of it for me.

Yuksek has been around for a while, remixing and stuff, but he didn’t get my attention until i heard ‘Tonight’ on triple j. At first, i thought it had a bit of a ‘Daft Punk‘ flavour to it. But, it doesn’t really. I just try and liken EVERYTHING to Daft Punk and robots because… i have a robot fetish. lol. Aren’t I a wonderful person.

Anyways, I love YUKSEK! Not as much as Digitalism or Daft Punk, but I get one of those fizzy feelings in my bones just thinking about it — but that might just be my juvenile osteoporosis (nah not really). If you’re in Melbourne, buy a ticket, they’re cheap, and if you see me there, we can hang like tang.

Yuksek – Tonight< <–
I don’t need to say much about this song except for that its bleeping and blooping HEAVEN. “Take my hand….tonight! Go ahead…..toniIIiiiIIght”. I feel like im a hectic 15 year old again. Just download it 🙂 If you want an instrumental version, get onto the Kris Menance mix.

Yuksek – Extraball featuring. Amanda Blank <–
Amanda Blank (Spank Rock) is so cool, i enjoy her voice. I don’t get the lyrics… does Yuksek only have one testicle?

Birdy Nam Nam – Trans Bolougne Express (Yuksek Remix)<–
Now this is how Yuksek remixes a god damn choon people. Make note of his skillsz. Jesus, I think I am in love with him. I’m so fickle. I wonder what kind of set he will play.


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OMGOMGOMG! bet you can’t wait for Mr Yuksek!
In related can’t-fucking-wait news, Boys Noize was just announced to be playing Edinburgh again at the end of August!!! I got my ticket earlier!
Christ i could die right here as I read back what I’ve written. But I won’t

Comment by Scottish Friction

Boys Noize were down here not to long ago, i didn’t get to go, but i heard it was pretty goddamn epic.

Comment by kish07

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