Popcorn can be a letdown by Kish
July 9, 2009, 4:09 AM
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R Kelly might enjoy this

Jesus my knees are freaking cold. I don’t know why my KNEES are cold, but hey, who am i to judge? I’m just sitting here killing time and I can’t stop listening to this song. Its got that amazing old school vibe to it like all the classics do. I made a note of it a couple days ago, but i couldn’t hide it from you any longer. Get awn eet.

Just quietly, have you found that popcorn is the biggest letdown in the history of the earth. Cartoons make popcorn appear to be this amazing crunchy snack that is absolutely delightful, but its a big fucking lie. Popcorn doesn’t taste good. Popcorn isn’t fluffy and crunchy. Popcorn makes your throat dry and requires sooo many fluids that by the end of the movie, you are dying for a piss and you miss the end. I hate you popcorn. I prefer my popcorn in mp3 form.

♫ Adam K & Addy – Popcorn (Original Mix) <–


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Wow I’m loving these urinals!

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