The Music Rapers by Kish

I feel like a real music blogger now I’m getting artists and remixers and vemixers (that’s a lie) sending me their choonage to my inbox. At first i thought “oh my lord, I’m getting viruses that are going to give my new laptop virtual aids, how gay.” But after doing a little googling and asking around, i realise people are actually sending me music. How cool do i feel right now – like the coolest nerd to grace the planet.

Now let me introduce to you a couple guys known as the Disco Pushers. The name ‘Disco Pushers’ just gives me this image of bleeps and bloops being coerced onto someone – but no! It was quite surprising to hear such a mellow, easy going sound from DP when their name just screams out ‘music rape’. They’ve been around for a while, doing some pretty hectic stuff like helping Au Revoir Simone produce some tunesz. They’re from New York, they are Sisko and David Greenberg and here is my pick of the bunch.

♫ Jihae – Faint (The Disco Pusher Remix)

This is about as easy going and ambient as you can get. Its a lovely mix, with soft vocals accentuating the oh so smooth beat. It has the occasional synth in there to keep thing real yo but is otherwise quite a beautiful song, something you can sit back and listen to when all you really want to do is absolutely nothing.

Santigold – L.E.S. Artistes  (The Disco Pusher Remix)

Santigold is still yet to grow on me. I’ve always felt like you had to choose a team – Santigold, Rye Rye or M.I.A. I’m on the Sri Lankan’s team. This remix however, makes Santigold listenable for me. Sure i love to scream and robot along to ‘Creator’, but this one is definitely in my safe zone. Its a little grimier than the rest of the mixes, but i like that.

Lykke Li – Time Flies  (The Disco Pusher Remix)

Despite the Lykke Li hype being well over, I cannot help but still stay on board. I love her sickly sweet vocals and her cheesy lyrics. This mix provides a nice buildup and is bleepy and bloopy but not overly so. These guys know that distorting the fuck out of vocals isn’t the way to go — amen!

P.s. is this the future? Dirty nerd electro? I don’t know man? That’s not even a question…..or is it?

Trumpdisco- LOTR


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i could’ve sworn I saw this picture on Ohh Crapp before haha

by the way, your blog is brilliant. it is jam packed full of ‘choons’, plus it’s always nice to see another aussie on the scene.

keep it up!

Comment by RARCHE

Ha thanks man. Its hard not to recycle siq photos of watermelon pops when they’re so ridiculously irresistible. Thanks for dropping by the blog dude 🙂

Comment by kish07

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