Dirty Filthy Bleepy and Bloopy House Music by Kish

omg its techno music

Wow, to start off, i am sooo surprised by everyone who has been visiting the blog and plugging it. Thanks to Scottish Friction the lovely and talented K.S and my brosef with the mostef Alex who runs Traxidermy. I’m uber humbled and all that jazz. 😀 … now onto some choonage!

I decided to concentrate on my first love in this post – Dirty Filthy Bleepy and Bloopy House music. Everything from progressive, electro, minimal, maximal and everything else in between has stemmed from what we now know as ‘house’. So this is my pick from whats doing the rounds at the moment, and its a bit of ‘this n that’ really.

There’s a lot of lackluster stuff floating out there, with people labeling a lot of crap ‘bangers‘. Now, I don’t want to sound like an annoying pompous shit, but are we becoming a bit too lenient with what we are promoting as choons and ‘bangers’ and ‘classics‘. Maybe in this world of political correctness we feel this overwhelming pressure to affirm every second song that might have a tiny bit of promise as a “bomb ohmgz”.  So I am here as the Choon King, telling people to harden the fuck up and promote GOOD music that deserves the attention, not songs that will get tiring after two listens.

That was amazing, i feel like some crazy monarch on an insane rant as a result of too many go0gsz. I think what i was trying to get at was — i only post shit that is the shit.

♫ Sander Kleinenberg – This Is Our Sound (Original Mix)
I’ve always been entranced by Kleinenberg’s dark and brooding sound. I might even have to thank him for introducing me into the world of real music, and stepping out of the world of “Top 40s” lol. I remember in year 9, listening to our ipods (it was oh so taboo) and this girl showing me The Fruit. Sander’s dark raspy voice talking about fruit like it was the sexiest thing ever just…made me fall in love.

♫ Passion Pit – The Reeling (Shuttle’s Super Club Mega Mix ’99) <–
So this one is indie and old, so it shouldn’t fit in this post at all right? Take a listen and you’ll change your mind very quick, plus i pride myself on being fashionably late, so whatevz. The vocals fit so well into this bloopy club sound, its almost as if they were made for this beat. I love well constructed remixes that can almost be mistaken for originals…almost. EDIT Ha its funny that Nate (from Passion Pit) took the ‘alias’ of ‘Shuttle’ to remix this one. No wonder it sounds so great

Gui Boratto – No Turning Back (David Tort the Mansion Remix)
When i saw that there were remixes of this song, my heart sank. How can people even begin to THINK that they can screw the shit out of this song when its so beautiful and poignant. Fuckers. But then, to my surprise, this remix came along, and i smiled. Its just a club friendly version of the song, and doesn’t mess around with the original too much. I can’t say the same for some other mixes – yuck! If you haven’t heard the original…….what the fuck are you doing?! Here it is

Gramophonedzie – Why Dont You (Original Mix)
I love the old school vibe to this. I wonder why i didn’t post this one earlier, maybe i have? Jesus, i hope I’m not expected to keep up with what I’ve posted. I’m terrible at that. But this one is worth a download. I wonder how people would react in a club when the whole burlesque, old sound starts playing without a boppy beat behind it. Ha, i guess that’s what a club mix is for 😛

♫ Chocolate Puma vs. Bingo Players – Disco Electrique (Vocal Mix)
I’m not usually a fan of Chocolate Puma, way too cheesy for me. The vocals matched with this catchy beat however, are a great reciple for a rocking tune, or should i say choon? Hm, its a tune, two thumbs up, but this will age quickly. I would love to hear this nice housey sound in a club though, i miss the days of REAL house.

I didn’t have time to get together audio players, but if you need to listen to them, Beatport is your man.

Sander Kleinenberg – This Is Our NightSa


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haha! you’re an absholute leg-end, cheers for pimpin the old blogaroo.
oh and thanks also for the passion pit remix. it slipped through my shiny gold net of “remixes that are actually worth their weight in aushtin powerszh gawwwld!”
love you

Comment by Scottish Friction

Ha youre amazing for reading my blog dude!
Passion pit mix is aweeeeesome
don’t be a stranger

Comment by kish07

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