A little bit in love with snow by Kish

Miike Snow – I totally thought it was just one dude, but apparently its a band with THREE guys in it. Blew my mind. That’s besides the point anyway, Miike Snow make some pretty amazing music (also seem to be pretty talented with coloured sharpies), and they remix choons well too. I’ve  already posted Fake Blood’s mix of ‘Animal’ which is a song I’m growing to love more and more. So that led me to check out Miike Snow! The world works in such mysterious ways. They’re getting pretty popular too; on RCRDLBL.com they’re getting a shitload of downloads. So i guess Miike Snow are the flavour of the month, just like Lykke Li was a while ago. Ha where the fuck did she disappear off to — but I’m just so indi3, so i still listen to her and i still love her music.

Anyways, before this post turns into the resurrection of Lykke Li, i shall introduce you to Miike Snow – the Swedish house mafia err band. Ha i wonder if Axwell and Ingrosso and the rest of them would sue Mike Snow for stealing their gay-as-aids title. You ain’t a mafia, you make music, settle down kids.

♫ Peter Bjorn & John – It Don’t Move Me (Miike Snow Remix)<–

It starts off all choppy and moves into a fast beat. Peter Bjorn & John are back and a whole lot better! Joining together with Miike Snow equals awesomeness. For some reason I’d picture this in a movie trailer for ‘Transformers’ or something. Jesus Shia Labeouf is delicious.

♫ Miike Snow – Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix)

There are remixes by almost everyone. The one by the Crookersis a bit of surprise, with tribal nuances and doesn’t sound like three thousand of their other remixes, theyre finally coming along! The Treasure Fingers remix was a little disappointing, there was nothing typically treasury about it, what a shame. But if i had to choose one besides the awesome Fake Blood mix it would be this one, bloopy but not overly so, and doesn’t stray ridiculously away from the original. It has a cute and pretty sound to it. The piano ❤

♫ Miike Snow – Burial (DJ Mehdi Remix)

Mehdi functions like a musical iron, smoothing out songs that are otherwise trashed by uneducated deckheads. He has this smooth sound not a lot of people on Ed Banger have, its a nice contrast really. Same goes for this mix he did of Burial. Nice smooth, clean cut and pretty goddamn good.

I realise these are all pretty old. Well better late than never, right?


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