The days are getting longer now by Kish
July 5, 2009, 3:58 PM
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I spent today watching some pretty intense documentaries. One was about the Aryan Brotherhood within the penal system in the States. Then I watched this one, where this girl recounted where she tried smuggling heroin from Bangladesh to the U.S but got caught and had to go to jail and faced the death sentence. That one was awesome.

Then i watched another one, on the Earth’s deadliest gang. Is it bad that i found some heavily tatooed gang members who shot like a gazillion people hot as fuck. Yer, its probably really messed up.

Ha the yanks have it tough — when i used to hear people say “The U.S. of A” i totally thought they were saying “The U.S Savey”. Like ‘savey’ meant ‘country’ in latin or something. I’m such a loser.

So after all those intense docos, i really needed to cleanse my soul and get some music into me.  BUT as i was downloading a crapload of music, my internet usage magically disappeared. Sucks, I’m now capped. Don’t panic your balls off though, i totally got my hands on some music before my lack of gigsz destroyed my life.

♫ MSTRKRFT – Heartbreaker feat John Legend

This one was a pleasant surprise for me, especially coming from the MSTRKRFT boys. They always produce such grindy, bloopy, dirty sounding choons, and then they come out with this — full of progressive piano bits and the uber smooth vocals of (my favourite) John Legend. Its a little reminiscent of Axwell’s ‘I found you’. Get onto the Laidback Luke Mix for a clubbier sound

♫ Feadz – Age 21

So, I’ve always wondered why turning 21 is so freaking important. Like i totally understand why it might be a big thing for the yanks but its not that big a deal for Aussies? Maybe its cos if you’re cool enough Feadz will play this track at your party? Whatever, its a pretty nice choon, probably my pick from his new EP ‘P*N*M*B’

♫ Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (Ryan Nexus Remix)

I like this. I don’t have much to say on it. To be honest, its a pretty generic remix of a song. I guess i really like it enough to post it cos i like the vocals. Without it, this would be another gay mix.

♫ EDX – Shy Shy (Paul Harris Remix) <–

EDX is the go-to-guy for smooth progressive house that hits the spot, and is made oh so delicately. Really, I have never heard a remix of an EDX choon that I’ve liked, until this. So it really is worth the download, and the 20 minutes you will spend downloading it if you are capped — i feel your pain brother

P.s. – whats the rule with having blogs, are you allowed to say songs are shit?


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really like this blog. and love that paul harris remix!! 😀
songs dont seem to be playing within the page though :S

Comment by Scottish Friction

thanks man! that paul harris mix is sweet. i fixed the songs, its hard to find a good mp3 host these days.

Comment by kish07

i know what you mean about the mp3 hosting – its a bitch. i’ve started paying for hotlinkfiles. it works out about £3 a month for me. im not complaining 😀

Comment by Scottish Friction

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