Anger management by Kish

Being crippled sucks. Yesterday I went out for lunch and just got stared at like i was a half goat-woman or something. AND to top it off, as i was driving (yer man, i can totally drive) some absolute wanker decided to be a smart ass and crossed the road, while yelling out to his mates about what a hard cunt he is, as i was driving towards him. So i revved my engine, to show this little muzza I ain’t no pansy mofo, and he flipped the bird and yelled out “fuck yooou”. Now, my car doesn’t have a working horn, so i mouthed off to him too. I wish he was wearing a number plate somewhere on his top or something so i could report the slimy fucker. Goddamn that made me angry.

Here’s some music to soothe the soul after heated altercations with dirty muzzas.

♫ Melting Wing – Kingdom Nineteen (Screendeath Reinterpretation)
What do they call beautiful, synthy, smooth alt electro pop stuff? I don’t know either. Indie? Maybe I’m not the choon king after all, but this song is smooth, and has this feel to it, like it belongs at a ‘space’ themed disco party.

♫ Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane vs Au Revoir Simone Remix) [Computer Club edit] <–
Surely you’ve heard the Aeroplane mix before, no? It was absolutely everywhere. Now there is this, the new and improved edit by Computer Club. Its tempo has been increased, for a more dance-friendly version of the already wonderful mix.

♫ Palm Highway Chase – Invisible Beach (Werewolf By Night Remix)
Invisible beach – the title says everything. Except when i hear this i really wish i was on a beach, wearing a pretty white dress, smelling of coconut and dancing around a bon fire.

♫ Crystal Fighters – Xtatic Truth (Renaissance Man Remix)
There are a few mixes of this floating around, and i really do love the ‘Xtra loud Mix’ but theres something so soothing and decadent about this mix. For some reason i expected a much heavier mix by Renaissance Man, but surprises are always nice too.

But if you prefer to run over that filthy muzza with the accelerator to the floor, try this for flavour

♫ Rage Against The Machine – Killing in the Name (SebastiAn’s Late Night Laptop Remix) <–
This sounds like a steel pole raping a metal fence. SO FREAKING AWESOME. Gets the rage in you raging at full capacity (Y)


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