Smooth listening by Kish

Ever been sitting down, with a couple mates, and no amount of doof doof will satisfy your needs? (Lol this sounds like a bad informercial, but hold on buddy, its totally just a rant about music) … All you really want is some chilled out music, that is going to blend into the background, but spice up the atmosphere just enough. Have you ever noticed how too much salt in food tastes like death, that is EXACTLY what hardstyle techno is when you just want some goddamn motherfucking peace.

So last night, is what has inspired my post today. Light a joint, sit back and listen to some smooth choons with a few good friends and talk about evil conspiracy theories, being caught in dick-traps and steal eachothers yogo.

♫ The Whitest Boy Alive – Courage
What i would really like to do is post every single song produced by The Whitest Boy alive. Its ah-mazing to listen to when all you want to do is just sit back and talk about life. This one has a cool beat to it too

♫ The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage <–
So…maybe this is turning into a Whitest Boy Alive post. But this song just won’t ever get old for me. The lyrics are so incredibly sad, and i am sure we have all felt like this once in our lives. And if you haven’t, get vaccinated against it asap

♫ Bon Iver – Woods <–
This song is just absolutely stunning and delicious. Vocoders ❤ It sad……..i think? The lyrics don’t give much away, but its so beautiful that you forget the lyrics are repeated over and over.

Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (Trentemøller Businessman Dubby Games Remix)
I remember hearing this last night, it sounded so magical and wonderful. Trentemøller is an absolute genius.

♫ Kings of Convenience – I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From (Röyksopp Remix) <–
So maybe I haven’t been able to post anything but Whitest Boy Alive — because their frontman Erlend Øye is also apart of Kings of Convenience. Anyway, Royksopp can remix a goddamn choooooooon. I like how the lyrics tell a story.

♫ Sia – Breathe Me (Mylo Remix) <–
Music should be beautifully constructed, smooth, make you well up with euphoria from a deep place inside of you that you didn’t know existed, make you smile, make you sad and make you dream of bigger things. This song does all of that for me. Sia is wonderful. Mylo is too.

♫ Appaloosa – The Day We Fell In Love (Ted & Francis Remix) <–
Ted & Francis are wonderful. I’ve already posted the James Kane mix of this, but this one is quite good too. Its smooth and dreamy and creamy like no amount of chocolate could ever be.

Sometimes I wonder if music is really as good as i think it is, or if I am way too easily pleased.


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