Backwards is better by Kish

“I’m the backwards man” – Tom Green (Freddie Got Fingered)

I have this backwards theory. It pretty much applies to everything in my life. I always start off hating things/people/songs i eventually will end up liking… or even falling in love with. I have countless friends who i started off hating, or thinking they were uber weird, but falling in love with them soon after. I remember promising my mother i would never be seen dead in high waisted jeans, and now, i live in them.  Its the same thing with songs really.

I remember the first time i heard Fred Falke’s Golden Cage mix – absolutely hated the shit out of it. Its now one of my favourite songs of all time. So these are just songs I now find myself in love with, after thinking “goddamn how were these people allowed to release this crap”

But I have found, all the things that i have taken time to fall in love with have been worth it. Instant love sucks and doesn’t last man. How do you think one hit wonders were invented?

♫ Renaissance Man – Spraycan (Original Mix)
This one started off too slow for me to pay attention to it, but now i have, pretty decent club tune. Its got a good build up, and after listening to it, i totally know why its titled ‘spraycan’, i’m just so insanely perceptive.

♫ Classixx & Villains – I’m On It feat. o8o (Original Mix) <–
When i first heard this one, i groaned and thought “another stupid song about drugs”. I don’t think i even bothered giving it a proper listen. Then it came up on shuffle and i realised this choon had an awesome hook and a catchy beat.

♫ Dirty Disco Youth – Stupid Sound
I firs heard this and thought “yuk, what a gay generic club song”. But fuck, its Dirrrrty Discoooo Youth, ofcourse its going ot be banging. I barely gave it a listen, and boy thankgod i gave it a second chance. Its a banger dude.

♫ Afrojack – Polkadots
I’m not one to automatically write off Afrojack, personally, the guy is a genius. I enjoy his sound, its absolute sex on a stick. But this song doesn’t start off all fireworks and champagne at first.. so i was uber disappointed. Its got a darker feel to his other choons, but dude “We Should All Wear Polkadots”

♫ Midnight Juggernauts – Into The Galaxy
No one writes off the Midnight Juggernauts when they first hear them. I’m soOoO goddamn indi3 though, i wrote this off instantly. I totally didn’t enjoy this, UNTIL i recommended the Grandmaster Flash Remix to someone, and they said “nah no way, the original shits all over this” or some derivative of that. I relistened, and man, he was right. “floating to the edge of the world” ❤


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