Local talentsz by Kish

I’ve totally mentioned around here somewhere that my future husband is Mr Oizo (wahzoOoOoO). But i pride myself on my realistic outlook on life, and I totally have a backup plan. It is Harris Robotis – yes that’s his real last name. I first saw him play when i went to see Digitalism in January this year. One of the people i was with was like “dude this is harris robotis playing nooww”. And i thought “yeah cool man, i like his sound”. So i downloaded his shit. Awesome shit by the way…..aaaand he is Australian. Nothing like some epic local talent. I am truly in love now i know he is good looking (and knows how to give it up the ass to a banana. 2 points off for drinking diet coke though – pansy)

♫ Harris Robotis – Shampain! <–
This one is a chooooon. Its a banger. Its off chops and whatever else you kids say these days. I love how grimy and hard this one is. Its just ON from the word go. Its a tad old, but thats why the word ‘vintage’ was invented no?

♫ Knightlife – Discotirso (Original Mix) <–
Just a question, can Knightlife do any wrong? I really don’t think so, and with every song he releases, the more i grow to love him and his sound. This one is funky and is just… perfect dude.

♫ Lewis Cancut – Egg Yolks Yo <–
This one, is awesome. dark and clubby and grimy but fun enough to not be all Flying Lotus all over your ass. Not that I have anything against Mr Lotus, i just don’t see a bunch of ppl at a club on GHB having a good time to his choons. Thanks to Scatterblog for this one!

♫ Empire of the Sun – Standing on the Shore <–
This is my favourite song of their album, yep, i even rate it better than ‘Walking on a Dream’. This one is so dreamy and makes time go by slower yet faster. I really cannot wait to see them at Parklife.

♫ X & Hell – My Fkn Hat (Produced by Shazam) <–
This is absolutely awesome. Its got a bit of funk to it, and the lyrics are so cute, but then they swear and you’re like “woah didn’t expect that”. Its just three minutes of joy.

Buy their shit, support local talent


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